Name Yokosuka Municipal Yokosuka Sogo High School

6-1-1 Kurihama Yokosuka-City
TEL 046-833-4111
FAX 046-833-4555


Full-time & Part-time both Integrated Course

Principal Masanobu Yonemochi

Educational Goals

Our aim is to foster within students the capacity to develop their own strengths, learn about themselves, think with an open mind, and take action, all with a strong heart and will to live.

The kind of people our school envisions producing

  • People who have a strong sense of independence and responsibility
  • People who can respect themselves and others
  • People who earnestly and steadfastly work to make their own future

School Logo

This is a new design to celebrate the educational goals of our school in the 21st century. It is an gambigramh and can be read the same way both right side up and upside down. The gYh is for Yokosuka, the gSh is for Sogo and the gHh is for High School.

History of the School

October 2002 Main Building Completed
December 2002

Approval of Establishment

January 2003

Official Announcement of the First Principal, Kazuhisa Kumagai

April 2003 Opening Ceremony
April 2003 Entrance Ceremony for the first class

About Yokosuka Sogo High School|Head Principalfs Welcome

Yokosuka Sogo High School is the only municipal high school in Yokosuka.
Our school’s facilities are fully equipped and the students’ studies as well as creates a nurturing environmental for the students with much intelligence and leadership.
As a high school with integrated courses, we have emphasized the students’ educational career.
We also put much emphasis on IT and international programs from the establishment of the school to form the foundation of Yokosuka Sogo High School.
Additionally, we try to give the students have opportunities to study abroad and also accept international students and trial enrollments from oversea as well.

I would like to say thank you for your warm support and cooperation from this day forward.